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Phil Collins Adventure Club…GO!

Remember Showbiz Pizza? The ‘Rents took me a few times when I was a kid before Chuck E. Cheese ate the franchise and took over.

After watching this: "The Rock-afire Explosion" it brought back all of these nostalgic feelings of being a kid again and feeling proud of my straight A’s (you bring in your report card and get a free token for each A!).

Turns out this dude, Chris Thrash (fueled by Mountain Dew and DJing at the local roller rink):

decided to keep the dream alive by opening a Showbiz Pizza Zone in Phenix City, AL.

Ok. Now for the backstory.

Suj, Peggy, and I have recently come up with the idea of adventure-seeking. After the showing last night, we had a hearty meeting where we brainstormed about a zillion things that we’d like to do in the near future. A Facebook club was formed. It’s happening.

I’ve been jonesin’ for a road trip for quite some time now. I’ve also been jonesin’ for a trip to Atlanta to visit the new-biggest-in-the-world mega-aquarium:Whale Shark

Turns out Atlanta is on the way to Phenix City!

And guess what’s on the way back?


Hoggle! From The Labyrinth. On display at the ultimate resale shop: Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, AL. Totally fits into the theme of seeking out monsters on the road.

Now I feel like I have a purpose. None of these locations would really be worth it on their own. But when their forces combine: best. road. trip. adventure. ever.

Oh. Aaron Fechter, the brains behind the animatronics, takes bids on popular songs and reprograms one each month. Check out this MGMT one that pulled in $1200 for him.

POSTED Mar 01 2010 @ 14:41
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